The Christian Mechanic


Cover-up Job

     A long time went by and the truck with the bad motor sat there and sat there.  Only a flicker of hope kept the mechanic thinking some day maybe it would get fixed, but there was never enough money to do such a huge job as this truck needed to have done.  The Lord had supplied the gray truck so he was content to rest it all in the hands of the Lord.

     A friend came by asking a request of the mechanic and noticed the idle truck and soon found out it was a motor it needed.  He said he had a motor that he would like to get out of his way and said the mechanic could have the motor to put in his truck.  This was amazing.  The friend not only gave him the motor but let him use his motor jack to put the motor in the truck.  So the mechanic tested the motor before starting the work of installing it, then he got the pieces together to hook up the motor.  This was great fun putting all these pieces together, making sure each one was the exact fit and in working condition.  And before long it was streaming down the highway in great pleasure. 

     The way this motor fits together is easily compared to our body.  God put every organ and cell in just the right place to do its special job and none of the other parts can do the work for the other.  Only the eyes can see, only the feet can walk.  You cannot hear with your hands.  We see that God is the greatest Mechanic there ever was doing everything exact and perfect.  If we have a problem doing our work we ought to ask Him how to do it right.

     One thing that developed on the truck was that of the carburetor not functioning properly.  Well, the mechanic had fun working on that too.  Different things can be the cause for this ailment.  What if there is a hole in the float?  What if there is dirt in it?  Does it need proper balance?  Maybe it is bent.

     Do we claim to be a Christian, yet we are bent all out of shape in our unchristian habits and not even representing our perfect Example.  Do we look spick and span on the outside but all smeared with dirt on the inside?  It only takes one sin that we hang on to, to keep us out of heaven.  We must spend a lot of time on our knees to get rid of every speck of sin if we want to be useful and work efficiently in preparation for eternal life.

     Sometimes dirt will get into the gas tank.  How can you ever get it out?  It seems like an impossibility to remove dirt from the tank. When water gets into the gas, pouring in some special alcohol will absorb the water but if it is a lot of water or dirt the tank must be removed and cleaned out.  When Jesus looks at our heart and sees it so polluted and filthy dirty with sin and worldly ambition, He says, ‘Please give me your heart, and I will give you a new heart.’  This is such a beautiful gift Jesus offers us.  He secured this gift by shedding His blood for us.  What does it mean?  The whole plan that Jesus came to this world of sin to save man is presented to us to choose life or death.  Jesus has promised to give us strength to be victorious over the devil’s temptations, but we need to keep asking Him everyday and tell Him we love Him more than anything else by the way we live and do what he says.

     Sometimes people have put sugar in a gas tank to play a trick or to be mean to someone because sugar will clog the system and the vehicle will not run right.  Man has   a brain that will clog up also if too much sugar is eaten, for it makes the brain sluggish so the Holy Spirit cannot impress the mind that is made dull by the sugar.

     Many vehicles need a paint job when they get older or if they were in an accident.  So the dents are hammered out and the holes are filled with filler and the rusty and rough spots are sanded to be smooth.  Then the fresh coat of paint is applied and most likely a second coat is required to make it look clean and shiny.  It is always a satisfied feeling to see all the rust and grime covered up so well and it is admired for many days.

     It certainly is not a new car and it looks so nice how can anyone think something is wrong.  But underneath the old worn frame is still unsightly.  It is only covered up.  What do we humans do to ourselves to cover the wrinkles and scars and gray hairs as we age?  Too often we see faces painted.  The thought is to make a person look better or maybe younger, but what is there will still be there covered or not the wrinkles are wrinkles.  A cover–up does not make things better and really does not achieve the wanted beauty the person is trying to get.  True beauty comes from a heart that is totally devoted to Jesus.  It does not matter how much paint is on the face it cannot give the beautiful loveliness of Jesus.

     When the mechanic had bought a truck or car over the years he never bought a new one.  In the first place he did not want to be in debt with that much money, even though sometimes he was on the installment plan for a while.  But when you think about the fact that even new vehicles can have problems, its good to check into the situation.  Instead of having people thinking about his fancy car, he wanted to let people know his treasure was not on this earth.  He uses the transportation out of necessity and not for show.

“Said the angel of God: "Lay all upon the altar, a living, consuming sacrifice. Bind it with cords, if you cannot keep it there. Give yourselves to prayer. Live at the altar. Strengthen your purposes by the promises of God." "Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth." "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven."    

     “I saw that if God had given you wealth above the plainest and poorest, it should humble you, for it lays you under greater obligations. Where much is given, even of a worldly substance, much will be required. Upon this principle you are bound to possess noble, generous dispositions. Seek for opportunities to do good with what you have. "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven."   

     “I saw that the least that has been required of Christians in past days, is to possess a spirit of liberality, and to consecrate to the Lord a portion of all their increase. Every true Christian has considered this a privilege, but some who have borne the name only, have considered it a task; the grace and love of God had never wrought in them the good work, or they would gladly have advanced the cause of their Redeemer. But Christians who are living in the last days, and who are waiting for their Lord, are required to do even more than this. God requires them to sacrifice. 

1T 169,170 

     The wisest thing anyone can do is to let Jesus be your Mechanic.  He can do the best work possible on you.  The character will change and the body will be clean.  The ambitions will prove to be the most beneficial for you and everyone around.  It will be seen that the cheer in your heart will beget cheerfulness and happy thought to and for others.  The mind will be filled with the wonderful words of life.  All the dirt of evil will be swept and washed out of the mind.  The bent and crooked limbs of ideas will be straightened and clear so all things will be reasonable from the perspective of the truth in the Bible.  God’s Eden diet will be the fuel to make healthy cells to grow beautiful skin and organs that function with vigor.   Just tell the Lord you want to be a new machine and turn yourself entirely over to Him to repair and make it all in his model, fit for eternity.

One Little Block of Wood

     February 4, 2009, began like many days before.  The sky was cloudy, the temperature chilly, but not really cold.  The Mechanic and his Friend both needed more firewood and so were headed up a logging road to find it. 

     About 4 miles up the mountain they came to a section of the road that was extra wide to allow the logging trucks to pass each other as they went up and down the mountain.  Up on the bank about 40 feet were several good, dry, jack pine.  The method was to fall the trees over the bank and then hook on to them with a very strong nylon rope and pull them out on the road behind the truck for bucking and loading.  Not many trucks were active so this was a good day for this work.

     One of the trees did not go over the bank as hoped for and so the Mechanic went down the bank to the road while his Friend bucked the tree into blocks and let them roll down the bank to the road where the Mechanic was waiting.  Each piece was coming down nicely and stopping just short of the road in the small ditch.  But then disaster struck!  One block came down the bank end over end instead of just rolling down.  As it reached the Mechanic, he stuck out his foot to stop it, but missed and the block struck him on the inside of his right leg about 4 inches below the knee cap.  He dropped to the ground like he was hit by a bullet and lay there in great pain.  That ended the wood getting for that day and his Friend had to drive him home.

     The pain was severe and very hard to bear.  But the leg was not broken, but thought to be just severely bruised.  He did not go immediately to the doctor as it was a distance of forty miles.

     When his children found out a couple of days later, they were anxious for him to go and have an x-ray to determine the extent of the damage.  So he contacted the ambulance and made the journey to the local hospital.  That was a mistake! Yes, he found out that the leg had several hair line fractures, but was not broken, but O’ the pain of laying there in the hospital bed and trying to cooperate with the doctors and nurses who  wanted to give him pain killers, which he refused to take.  He had experienced their ineffectiveness some years before when in the hospital with a broken neck.   They soon wear off and another and another is required, which of course is a drug with side effects that can be dangerous.  The Mechanic did not want his mind to be drugged and unable to function clearly so he refused all painkillers.  “PAIN KILLERS” is really a good name for them because they can kill as well as very temporarily ease the pain!

     Four days in the hospital with no one who knew how to feed a person who was a “vegan”, was pure torture besides the pain in his leg!  The mechanic could eat very little of what they brought and would surely have starved to death if he had remained in the hospital!

     One other thing the Mechanic regretted was allowing them to give him a “tetanus shot”.  Vaccines, including this one are loaded with all kinds of deadly things such as MERCURY, and other poisons.  The skin of his leg was not even open and so this was totally un-necessary!

     Finally, on the fourth day, when the doctor realized he was not going to take the pain killers and there was really nothing they could do to hasten the healing process he agreed to send the Mechanic home and let the body heal itself with the passing of time, which takes a minimum of six to eight weeks.  The Mechanic was so glad to be out of there and heading home!

      The neighbors rallied to help in every way they could, bringing crutches, heaters, and doing the shopping for food and other needed items, even providing him with a very comfortable reclining chair.  It was a very painful eight weeks plus before the Mechanic could walk without the crutches.  Then several weeks to regain his strength and be able to work again.  That was two years ago and still that leg is not completely like it should be, but the mechanic is very thankful that he can walk and work to take care of his Sweetheart and the needs around the home.  This summer he is even doing some work for the neighbors, repairing chain saws and lawn mowers and building a storage shed.  He is looking forward with great anticipation to the coming of Jesus and receiving a new perfect body!