The Christian Mechanic


God’s Appointment

Let’s hear What the Mechanic has to say.

Divine Encounters


     Pulling out of the depot, the bus headed north on Highway # 1 through the beautiful canyon through which flows the mighty Fraser River.  As many times as we must make this run from the village 42 miles to the north, I never tire of the scenery. 

     Night had fallen as the bus wound its way north and the passengers were engaged each in their own thoughts or reading a book.  Just across the isle to my left and a little forward to my position on the opposite side of the bus, sat a middle-aged woman reading her Bible.  Very plainly, but neatly dressed, no make-up or jewelry distorting her natural God-given beauty, showed that she was a true Christian and living the principles of a Christian Woman.

     When traveling in our own car or truck, we usually have a few books with us to share with others along the way.  This day, while I had been in town, I had placed some at phone booths.  I wanted to share the one copy I still had with this lady before I got off the bus and was praying for courage to approach her.  Finally I said, “Excuse me Madam, I see you already have found God’s peace, but have you ever read this little book and I handed her a copy of “Finding Peace Within”, which was first published a hundred years ago as “Steps To Christ”.

     May I share it with you”, I asked.  “Surely you may”, she said as I handed her the copy.  She began to peruse the pages and then began to read.  I was nearing my destination and so I said,  “Excuse me Madam, but I will soon be getting off, it has been nice to meet you.”  Then she said, “Do you believe in The Holy Spirit”?  “O’ Yes”, I said. Then I asked her, “ Do you believe in the soon coming of Jesus”?  “O, Yes”, she responded. Then she said, “ You know this little book has already answered some questions for me that I have been pondering for some time”. Praise God!  “Well, this is where I get off, have a very good journey”, I said as I left the bus.  I am indeed looking forward to meeting this Dear Sister in God’s Kingdom.


Beware of Dog


     The sign on the gate said, “Beware Of Dog” as I approached the entrance to a mobile residence set well back from the street. A large black dog came to the gate wagging his tail and not a bark, so I naturally felt no danger here.  I spoke to the dog and opened the gate, closing it behind me and proceeding to the front door.  A lady came to the door, opened it, and in amazement said, “Did that dog let you in here, that dog doesn’t let anyone through that gate”!  “Well”, I said, “I am working for The King” and pointed towards the heavens.  I knew then that God had worked a miracle for me that day!  I was soliciting donations for the world-wide mission work carried on by the church of which I was a Pastor.  Yes indeed, God’s People do have a Guardian Angel who is always with the Faithful wherever their trail may lead!

     I made my way back to the gate with the dog alongside just as peaceful and friendly as when I had entered!